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Screwed up – Running Asp.Net FW 3.5 app in FW 2.0

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I was totally disappointed when found out that my app made in Asp.Net FW 3.5 is not working well when I changed the target framework to 2.0.

This is how it went:

I first started my coding targeting framework 3.5.

One of the Tester asked to make it run on 2.0, I thought “well, with VS 2008 multi targeting feature it would be piece of cake (as I have not used any of 3.5 only libraries)”, but I was wrong.

When I changed the target framework to 2.0, trouble started with AJAX library, it would not automatically change the Ajax dlls in reference to older version. So I have to manually remove all Ajax dll references and added older dlls (which used to work with FW 2.0), now it compiled with targeted framework without error, I thought “great, now I did it”, but again wrong.

When I ran the app under FW 2.0 all of the AJAX support is gone, it behaved like I have not used anything from Ajax toolkit.

I cursed myself and M*t.


Written by Sandip

April 29, 2008 at 7:35 am

Posted in .Net

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