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A suggestion to Windows Live Messenger team

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I am using both windows Live Messenger and Google Talk client but over the time I got frustrated with Windows Live Messenger.

Live Messenger exists long before Google Talk came but it is still lacking very useful feature of saving the chat history centrally on the web (just like Google Talk saves it in Gmail). This can be a frustrating experience in case you are using different PCs to chat, so either your chat history is scattered across the PCs (for no use) or you would choose not to store them (again for no use).

Another, When someone sends you messages when you are offline you receive them when come online next time (that’s good) but as soon as you close the chat window your Messages are gone and they are not saved in history (so if sender is offline by that time you have to wait until he/she comes online next time just to ask what he/she sent).

I hope Live Messenger team is working on it and we will see this feature soon.


Written by Sandip

June 4, 2008 at 8:34 am

Posted in Softwares

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