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Cross-Domain Calls with IFrames

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We know that cross domain ajax calls are not possible from javascript, but come’on we live in virtual world and every law can be bent if we can (remember Morpheus from ultra cool Matrix ūüėČ )

Ok, I found¬† here on this nice guy’s blog under Cross-Domain Communication with IFrames.

I have actually used it and it works like a charm. I made a simple javascript function to get the anchor values , actually I used anchors to pass values using URL as if passing URL variable.

For example if I want to pass one variable then I would do :

For two variables :

Two JS function, one for getting anchor value and second for resetting URL to it’s original form.

function getAnchor(name) {

url = window.location.href;
var varlen = name.length + 2;
var start = url.indexOf(“#” + name) + varlen;
var length = url.indexOf(“#”, start) – start;

var value = url.substr(start, length);
return value;

function resetAnchor() {
url = window.location.href;
var hash = url.indexOf(“#”)
if (hash >= 0) {
url = url.substr(0, hash);
window.location.href = url + “#”;

I would be happy to help if you have any troubles.


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April 29, 2009 at 4:37 pm

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Backbase Ajax Framework with Asp.Net

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Since couple of months we are working on a new project based on Asp.Net 3.5 Framework which is using Backbase as a client rendering framework. Backbase provides a rich user interface which is independent of development platform. It sure has a learning curve but once you are through that phase you will see the real advantage of RAD.

If you are trying to use Backbase with Asp.Net and have any questions then I may try to answer them since we have passed that phase of sorting out initial hiccups.

Written by Sandip

April 3, 2009 at 3:06 am

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