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Some of the striking features of Visual Studio 2008

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The following feature list is not in any order of importance, it is just the way I explorered them in sequence.

  1. Multiple Framework Targeting

    By default VS creates project with Framework 3.5 but the New Project dialog window has this dropdown where you can select later versions also. This means you can load your VS 2005 solutions in VS 2008 and not worrying upgrading them.

  2. JavaScript Intellisense

    This one is cool; you get in-built JavaScript intellisense. This will enable us use JavaScript and create AJAX application in much easier way. Apart from rich syntax Intellisense it also supports type interface, external library support, add hints to your functions, Intellisense within external JavaScript files.

  3. Built-In AJAX support

    With Framework 3.5 AJAX 1.0 support is built-in, that means you no longer need to download it separately. So when you create application targeting Framework 3.5 VS will automatically adjust web.config file with AJAX entries. Core AJAX control will then show up in your toolbox.

  4. LINQ (Language Integrated Query)

    This one is cool, LINQ is a new way of querying data source in declarative manner in your server side programming language (C#/VB etc). This will make querying data sources consistent across various data sources. This will make it much easier to target multiple data sources for single application like (Objects, XML, SQL, and Dataset).

  5. Debug through Framework

    VS 2008 ships with ready only source of Farmework 3.5 so now you can debug your application deeper through Framework system libraries.

  6. WPF (Window Presentation Foundation

    The WPF designer in Visual Studio 2008 provides developers with a great environment for developing rich applications with WPF, through its Rich XAML navigation and editing, Split View editor and Visual Design Surface.

    One of the coolest implementation of WPF is “Microsoft Surface”. If you haven’t watched the video yet Watch it here.

  7. C# 3.0 and VB9

    C# 3.0 and VB9 has many new features (including automatic properties, relaxed delegates, object initialisers, type inference, anonymous types, extension methods, lambdas and partial methods). The compilers generate backward compatible IL. This means that all the new language features can be used with existing Framework 2.0 projects (due to the multi-targeting feature mentioned above).

  8. Office Customization

    There are built-in support for Office customization for both version 2007 and 2003. Many add-in templates are provided ready made which makes it easier to make office add-ins and extensions.

  9. WCF (Windows Communication Foundation)

    This one is for server developers. WCF and WCF templates are now built-in VS 2008.

    The WCF programming model unifies Web Services, .NET Remoting, Distributed Transactions, and Message Queues into a single Service-oriented programming model for distributed computing. It is intended to provide the rapid application development methodology to the development of web services, with a single API for inter-process communication in a local machine, LAN, or over the Internet.


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January 24, 2008 at 6:05 pm

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