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Edit OpenOffice docs without OpenOffice installed.

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People who mostly use MS Office often see difficulties when they receive or have to send docs in Open Office format, Of course you can install OpenOffice.Org and work, but is there a way out where you don’t have to install anything and still you can view, create, edit docs in OpenOffice format? The answer is Google Docs.

1. If you receive OpenOffice doc in Gmail then it is simple. Gmail automatically detects it and gives you link to open it in Google Docs, there it is saved and you can edit it.

2. You can also upload doc in Google Docs to view and edit them.

3. If you want to create a brand new OpenOffice doc then no problem, you can create a document in Google Docs and then Export it in OpenOffice format.

And, finally you can also convert your OpenOffice docs to MS Office format using that export feature and vice-versa.

Google Docs rocks.

P.S. is a great software and it can easily replace MS Office but this post if for those  who occasionally encounter OpenOffice docs and not want to keep an installed copy.

Written by Sandip

February 21, 2008 at 10:10 am