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Switched back to Outlook from Gmail

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Today I switched back to MS Outlook from Gmail, I used to access all my office emails on a Gmail account but something drove me back to Outlook again, well here are my reasons…

1. Sending email in gmail is time consuming especially when you have a slow or unstable connection, In outlook you can compose email and just click on Send button (outlook don’t “complain” even if you are offline, it will send email in background process).

2. With Gmail you can’t access your email offline.

3. Can’t take backup of your emails on Gmail (yes, I need to as per our policy rule).

4. It’s simply easier to work with keyboard on Outlook than Gmail.

5. I just love the Outlook 2007 interface, it rocks.

Of course noone beats Gmail in email search and spam protection, I will continue to use it for my personal emails.


Written by Sandip

July 1, 2008 at 5:43 pm

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